School Appointment Signup

School Appointment Signup

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                                             PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW

    • Click the button above to view available times. The schedule varies each week based on our school photography obligations. If none of the available appointment times work for you, please contact us to set up an appointmentAppointments will be available on this calendar during our school photo seasons, which are September-December, and February-May. If you need an appointment outside of this time, please contact us.
    • Up to two siblings can take a single 15min time slot, so if you are bringing two children in at the same time you can use one time slot instead of two, just put both their names down for the appointment. 
    • FOR RETAKES - Sign-up for a retake appointment within 14 days of receiving your order. Your actual appointment date can be after the 14-day period, we just ask that you set up an appointment using the online scheduler within 14 days. The appointment itself can be on any of the available days that work with your schedule. Bring your original photo package with you to the studio. The new photo package will be mailed to the address you provided.
    • FOR MAKE-UPS - Please sign up for make-up appointments as soon as possible after missing picture day. This ensures we can include your student's photo with the rest of the school's pictures.
    • Our address is 1812 Front St, Scotch Plains. The parking lot is located behind the building. Use the main entrance facing the parking lot to enter. People coming in for appointments frequently end up at the wrong building, parking lot, or entrance. See the image below so you know exactly which building we are in.
    • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can do so from your appointment confirmation email. At the bottom of your confirmation email, there will be two links you can click to either cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please cancel your appointment if you know you won't be coming in. We only come into the studio on days with school portrait appointments since all other studio work is done at another location. If yours is the only appointment for that day we will open the studio just for your appointment.