School Portrait Payment (GROUP B)

School Portrait Payment (GROUP B)

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If you received a paper order form from school, please write the order number on the photo order form(s) in the space provided and return it with your student(s) on picture day. At some Group B schools, not returning the form might cause your child's portrait not to be taken. Note: this step can be skipped for schools with online-only ordering.

Note concerning class photos: Each student receives a complimentary class photo (when applicable, typically grades PreK-5th receive class photos). Even students who don't place an order for individual photos will receive a class photo. Class photos are given to the homeroom teachers to pass out to all the students, so they are not included inside your order envelope containing your individual photos.

School photo orders are delivered to the school once they are ready, but our system will still ask for a shipping address at checkout. All photo orders (except very late orders) are delivered to the school on the same day, so everyone receives their orders at the same time. Digital orders are all sent at the same time as well. It typically takes us 4-5 weeks to edit, print, and package all of the orders for an average-sized school. Our small team works days, nights, and weekends to fulfill all the orders as quickly as possible.

If your child missed all available school picture days, use the 'School Make-up Signup' page to schedule a studio appointment.

        If you have questions you can contact us, or check the School Portrait FAQ page.