School Portrait FAQs

  • Do I have to place an order to receive a class photo? 
    • Class photos are provided for free to every student, regardless of any portrait order. Typically grades Prek-5th receive class photos, but this varies by school. 
  • My child came home with their portraits, but we did not receive a class photo.
    • Enough class photos are given to the teachers to pass out to every student. Since every student gets a class photo regardless of portrait order, we do not put the class photos into the portrait envelopes. If you are missing the class photo, its possible the teacher decided not to pass out the class photos on the same day as the individual portrait orders. Please allow the teachers a few days to pass them out. 
  • What should my child wear on picture day?
    • The background we use, with its shades of light to dark blue and light greys, was selected to be complimentary to most outfits. In general we recommend against solid black or solid white outfits. These two options affect the overall brightness and look of the final prints, and overall don't photograph as well as colorful or even grey clothing. We also recommend against bright neon colors, since those are very reflective and will give a color cast to the skin, especially around the neck and chin. 
  • My child was absent on picture day, how do we arrange a make up photo?
    • If your child was absent on their picture day, they could be photographed on any of the other days we are at your school (see your school's calendar to see if we are there multiple days). Their teacher can send them to the photographer to be photographed at some point during the school day. If this isn't an option, use the 'School Make-up Signup' page to schedule a make-up appointment at our studio.
  • I didn't submit my order before picture day, is it too late to order, and was my child photographed if they didn't have a form? 
    • At all elementary, middle, and high schools, all children present on picture are photographed. So it's not too late to order. Depending on when a late order is placed, we can not guarantee your order will be delivered on the same day as the rest of the school. Please place late orders as soon as possible. At most preschools, typically only children with orders placed prior to picture day are photographed due to scheduling limitations.
  • When will I receive my portrait order? 
    • School portraits are typically delivered back to the school within 5 weeks of the last picture day. Our small team here at Reflections works very hard to deliver the portraits as soon as possible. For the average elementary school we spend 2 weeks editing/retouching the images, then 1 week printing the photo packages, and finally 1-2 weeks are spent packaging the orders before they can be ready for delivery. Everyone's order will be delivered to the school on the same day, and all digital images will be emailed on that same day.
  • I would like a retake, how does that work? 
    • We spend as much time with each child on picture day as possible to get a good expression, but sometimes it just doesn't work out and a retake is required to get a portrait you are happy with. Retakes are scheduled at our Scotch Plains studio. This lets you see the portraits we take of your child and guarantees you will be happy after your retake. Use the 'School Retake Signup' page to schedule an appointment.
  • I would like a refund on my order. 
    • Please contact us within 14 days of delivery if you would like a refund. Your entire order must be returned to us. Refunds are not available on digital items. 
    • My child prefers to not smile with their teeth, is that ok?
      • We will always try to capture a smile with teeth by default, so if you prefer a closed mouth smile, just let the photographer know. We want everyone to be comfortable during their school portrait and want to capture a portrait the student, and their parents, will be happy with. 
    • I ordered a digital copy, when and how will I receive my image?
      • Digital copies are sent to the email address you provide at checkout. The emails are sent out the day we deliver the print orders to the school. Sometimes these emails end up marked as spam, so if you didn't receive your digital copy, please check your spam folder. If the email isn't in spam, contact us at Digital files are delivered at 2400x3000 pixels in sRGB color space.  
    • What is the best way to reach you if I have more questions? 
      • The best way to reach us is by email at or by using the Contact page. We can typically answer emails within a few hours.
    • Here is a sample of our school portrait background. Note that variations in our printing/editing process and your at home screen settings might cause the background's color to appear different than in the final prints. In general, the background is deep to mid blue with shades of light grey.