DHS/LMS Sports


  • Sports photos taken on May 17th, 2022:

    • DHS/LMS | SPRING Softball

  • Sports photos that will be taken on May 18th, 2022:

    • LMS | SPRING Baseball
    • DHS | SPRING Varsity Baseball
    • LMS | SPRING B/G Track
    • DHS | SPRING B/G Varsity Track

Please get any photo orders in before the end of May so that your order can processed in time, if it is late it will be shipped to the address you provide.

DHS/LMS Destroyer Athletics Photos:

Use this page to order your child's sports photos if they had their photo taken during Picture Day.

If your child was absent, email us to let us know and you can schedule a make-up appointment on our menu under the "Appointment Sign Ups" tab.