DHS/LMS Sports

DHS/LMS Destroyer Athletics Photos:

Use this page to order your child's sports photos if they had their photo taken during Picture Day(s).

DHS/LMS Fall Sports Photo Schedule-

  • Monday- September 26, 2022 :

    • 3:30 DHS Cross Country
    • 3:45 Girls Tennis
    • 4:00 LMS Cross Country
    • 4:30 Girls Soccer
  • Tuesday- September 27, 2022:
    • 3:30 Football
    • 4:00 Cheer
    • 4:30 Boys Soccer


    If you would like Individual sports photos of your child they must come up to us during the Photo days so they can have their photo taken.

    Please get any photo orders in before October 7th, 2022 so that your order can be processed in time, if it is late it will be shipped to the address you provide.